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How To Make & Use Gas Fired Kilns

By Chris Barnes

I have written a book during lockdowns. It is a distillation of everything I know about making and operating gas fired kilns.

"Gas Fired Kilns is for people who want to move beyond electric kilns and take their pottery making to the next level. Live flames bring the magic of reduction firing, raku, saggar and soda firing within reach. A clean firing gas kiln is a cost effective alternative to buying an electric kiln, and it has much more to offer the ceramicist. Gas can also be used in urban areas where wood firing is prohibited. With the emphasis on practical innovation and clear explanation, this book gives step by step guidance for making three types of gas fired kiln, including an electric kiln to gas conversion, each with a detailed description of how it is fired. In addition to kiln plans and information on the types of burners to use, there are chapters on how to get the best from your gas firings. Finally there are glaze recipes to try, that exploit the capabilities of live flame firing.
The book has numerous technical drawings and photographs to illustrate the kiln builds. With Gas Fired Kilns providing conceptual insight and suggesting practical approaches, the reader will have the confidence to take the next step on their journey into ceramics."

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Published by Mud House
ISBN: 978-1-8382889-1-4

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eBook - 001

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