Diessener Töpfermarkt 2019

Diessener Töpfermarkt 2019

Summer is fast approaching at the Knott and the winter snow has melted from my mind, hanging on only on the distant Lakeland hills. I have been busy making pots for months and not getting on with rebuilding the kiln shed wall. last year it was removed ready to be built again, but without the alarming lean it had developed.

At present I am busy preparing for a trip to Diessen am Ammersee in Germany for the Pottery Market/Festival there at he end of May. It will be my third annual visit to Bavaria and I'm very pleased to be going back. It is a great place to meet other potters from all over Europe as well as sell pottery and drink beer.

The great thing about going abroad to such an event is the exposure to many different approaches to ceramics - personal and cultural.

Diessener Toepfermarkt

Above: Another paddle steamer arrives at Diessen bringing more visitors to the already crowded Töpfermarkt.